Festival Map

2022 Workshop Schedule


There will be approximately 15+ highlines this year for participants to walk for ALL levels from beginner to professionals. There will be a top rope line for beginners and highline workshops available at some of the shorter lines. Because of the high demand, we are working to make usage and access as efficient and easy as possible. There will be a rope at each line for participants to clip their harnesses to as an established wait list. Each line will have specification information regarding the line along with the time allowed for each session. Longer lines will allow participants for longer sessions. There will be plenty of time to highline during the day and our rigging team will be checking the lines at least twice a day. If there is an issue with the line, please immediately report to a GGBY volunteer (indicated by t-shirts). DO NOT adjust the highline system. If you would like the line adjusted, please request from a volunteer and they will attend to it as soon as possible. Participants must ALWAYS be leashed in when on the line.


Spacenets have been a pivotal component of GGBY the last few years. A spacenet is a net, plain and simple for people to hang out in. It can be between a few trees a few feet off the ground or hundreds of feet high over canyons. The construction and rigging of a spacenet will vary depending on where it is done. Over canyons, the construction and rigging of a spacenet is complex and requires a team and should ONLY be done by professionals. At GGBY, we have THE spacenet, The Mothership, which was built and is owned by Andy Lewis, world famous Slackliner. The Mothership has been seen and shared by millions all over the world and brought spacenets to the mainstream mass media.  Last year, Ryan Jenks and Kimberly Weglin got married on the net with hundreds of friends and family there with them by the cliffs. Participants of GGBY will be able to get on the net as long as you have a climbing harness. Some other items you should have include a hangover (or other line rolling carabiner), 2 locking carabiners, 2 personal safety anchors (i.e. daisy chains). All participants must be tethered at all times to the net when on, entering, exiting, or near the cliff. Failure to do so will get you banned from the net. Your safety comes first, fun comes second, so please obey the rules.


We are adding more and diverse workshops this year from some of the most talented instructors out there! Workshops include but not limited to:

Intro to Highlining



Evening Activities


THE FRUIT BOWL is a NO WOOD GATHERING area! Please bring your own wood if you would like to have a campfire. Campfires are permitted but GGBY staff reserve the right to extinguish or shutdown any private campfire it sees as a safety hazard or in a place where it shouldn’t be (i.e. on/near vegetation). We encourage you to join other campfires before you create your own so you can get to know people and conserve wood. GGBY provides wood for large community fires but will not provide them for small groups or individuals. Bringing firewood for yourself and the community is considered a HUGE token of respect and support for the gathering. Bring as much as you are able to.

If you see someone gathering wood who does not yet know please politely ask them to stop and help them re-scatter the materials to your best ability. These trees are a very important part of the desert ecosystems; they provide habitat, shade, food, soil and more for many other forms of life to live upon. Even if the trees may seem small or dead they are very much alive and some are in the upwards of 1200+ years old and have the ability to TEMPORARILY stop water flow to its branches during times of drought.

The primary camping area is near the cliffs around the Fruit Bowl (see map). Please be careful when pitching your tent!

Be sure to choose a spot that minimizes your environmental impact. This means you should ideally find an area of flat sandstone with a crypto-free path to and from your tent.  Alternately, sandy areas with no sign of plant life or crypto growth are the next best choice. Do NOT camp on top of vegetation or crypto.

The Fruit Bowl area can get rather windy and tent stakes don’t really work in sand and sandstone. Be sure to keep enough weight inside your tent to weigh it down. Keep your belongings and trash secure so they don’t end up flying around.

Water: There is no water source at the Fruit Bowl. Bring plenty of water. The outdoor shop Gearheads in Moab has free water fill up in the shop.

Food: Everyone has their own idea of what good camp food is, but common options are sandwich materials, peanut butter and jelly, veggies to fry or cook in the fire, rice, soup, and pasta. Durable food items are generally a good idea since you’ll be carrying them from the parking lot to the cliffs. Bring more than you think you’ll need just in case, or to share. Highlining burns calories!

Fire: Do not use local juniper wood for campfires. Please bring wood purchased from a local shop. A limited supply of wood will be available for our community fire gatherings.

Showers: Various places in Moab offer showers for a fair price (~$3-6). Check out the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center.



GGBY Highline Gathering is a Leave No Trace event and participants and spectators are expected to adhere to the 7 principles of Leave No Trace which are:

  • Plan ahead and prepare.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Leave what you find.
  • Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Be considerate of other visitors.

In summary, what you carry in must be carried out. There are no public trash receptacles so you must take care of your trash. Bring a trash bag and minimize your need to produce trash! PLAN


There will be port-o-potties near the front entrance gate by the Info/Ticket booth and portable toilets around the camp site areas.  Here are some quick rules:

  • Bring a roll of toilet paper for yourself and another for new friends for the 5 days. We’ll have toilet paper and replace as often as possible but bringing a roll always ensures you have a pleasant experience.
  • Carry hand sanitizer with you as well or sanitary wipes.
  • DO NOT defecate in the desert as the dry environment does not decompose human waste quickly. If everyone can avoid this, then no one steps in $h!t accidentally like many of us have in years past (gross). As the wise Morty from Rick and Morty says, “Get your $h!t together!”. Just use the nearest toilet.
  • Pee in the port-o-potties or far away from trails, campsites, and other areas where people are.
  • Do NOT pee in the portable toilets near the campsite please as they make it heavier to haul out. $h!t ONLY!

Other Waste

Contain and carry out your other waste products. DO NOT throw food scraps, oils, or anything that is compostable. Things don’t decompose quickly in the desert!


Parking & Shuttles

The Fruit Bowl parking lot is small and is needed for shuttles and staff and emergency vehicles. Participants and spectators are required to park in Parking Lots A and B near the beginning of the Fruit Bowl road (see map on right). Van life campers can purchase one of a limited number of Fruit Bowl parking passes or park and camp in Parking Lots A and B overnight. The lots about 1.7 miles from the cliffs. To avoid the extra walking, bring a tent or share a tent with a friend. Shuttle services will be available to both lots between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

ARRIVAL: Participants and volunteers who are camping may use the Fruit Bowl Access Trail and Parking (blue road on map) to ONLY temporarily park to drop off friends, camping and other gear. We have hundreds of participants so you have a maximum of 10 minutes to drop off your gear and friends before you have to bring your vehicle to Lots A or B. The Fruit Bowl Access Trail is rocky but drivable for most cars but take extra caution and go slow. If you do not need to drive in to drop off don’t. We have a shuttle system.

PARKING:  We are selling a limited number of Van Lifer parking passes for those living in their vehicles and want to park in the Fruit Bowl Parking Lot and be closer to the action. They can be purchased at our event ticket page. All other parking in the Fruit Bowl Parking Lot is restricted to Staff and Emergency Vehicles only. All participants and spectators must park in Lots A and B which is free. The lots are over 1.7 miles from the cliffs so bring a tent to minimize going back and forth.

DEPARTURE: When you are ready to leave, bring your gear to the Fruit Bowl Parking lot, catch the shuttle to the lot you parked in, and you may drive your car back down the trail to pick up your items but please depart quickly once you are ready to avoid traffic congestion in the Fruit Bowl Parking lot. You can also just bring your gear in the shuttle if you are not bringing a lot.

SHUTTLE: The shuttle will run from 8am to 5:30pm 11/20 to 11/24 from the Fruit Bowl parking lot. A last call shuttle will run from the Fruit Bowl parking lot to the remote lots at 10pm. The shuttle will also run from 8 to noon on Friday 11/25 for the exodus from the festival. PLEASE ARRIVE DURING THESE SHUTTLE TIMES. Shuttles make a trip to Lot A, then B, then to the Fruit Bowl Parking lot for drop off. If you have a lot of gear you may drive your car in to the Fruit Bowl Parking lot to drop it off along with friends. You have 10 minutes to drop off stuff (do not check in). Drop your car off, take the shuttle back, and check-in after.


Town Services

Medical and Emergency Services

  • Hospital - Moab Regional Hospital is the nearest hospital located at 450 Williams Way, Moab, UT 84532. Phone: (435)-719-3500.
  • Pharmacies - The nearest pharmacies are Walker Drug Company at 290 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532 (435-259-5959) and City Market Pharmacy at 425 S Main St, Moab, UT 84532 (435 259-8971).
  • Dentists - There are a few dental clinics in the area. Arches Dental Clinic at 570 W 400 N, Moab (435-259-4333), Red Rock Dental at 380 N 500 W, Moab (435-259-4059), and
  • Police - The Moab Police Department is located at 217 E Center St # 130, Moab, UT 84532 . Phone: (435) 259-8938.

General Services

  • General Information* - The Moab Information Center is a great resource for information about the area. They are located at 25 E Center St, Moab. Phone:(435) 259-8825.
  • Food and Beverages - City Market is a supermarket to get food and beverages and other shopping items. They are located at 425 S Main St, Moab. Phone: (435) 259-5181. The Village Market is another supermarket located at 702 S Main St, Moab. Phone: (435) 259-3111.
  • Gas - There are various gas stations in the area. City Market Fuel Center is right next to City Market located at 425 S Main St, Moab, UT. Phone: (435) 259-5181
  • Banks and ATMs - There are various banks and ATMs in the Moab area. Zions Bank ATM is located in City Market at 425 S Main St, Moab, UT.
  • Showers - The Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center is a great place to get a cheap shower (~$4). They are located at 374 N Park Ave, Moab. Phone: (435) 259-8226.
  • Climbing Gear Store: Gearheads Outdoor Store is the local climbing, slacklining, and gear store located at 471 S Main St #1, Moab. Phone: (435) 259-4327.
  • Post Office - The United States Postal Service (USPS) is located at 50 E 100 N, Moab. Their phone number is (800) 275-8777.
  • Library* - Grant County Library is located at 257 E Center St, Moab. Phone: (435) 259-1111.
  • Hotels and Restaurants - There are lots of hotels and restaurants in the Moab area. Walk around or visit the information center or google for more information on what's available in town.

National Parks and Other Sites to See

  • Arches National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Fisher Towers Picnic Area
  • Castleton Tower
  • Dead Horse Point State Park


Offline Mobile Apps

Mockups of iOS and Android Apps

This year GGBY has iOS and Android apps to help slackers find their way around the gathering. Fully functional offline because there's next to no cell service at the Fruit Bowl! The app has a festival map and highline map to find lines, toilets, and workshops as well as a full schedule of events and important beta about leave no trace, toilets, and camping!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to bring to GGBY?

  • We have compiled a Participant Checklist which includes but is not an exhaustive list of items you should bring to GGBY for the week.

I have NEVER highlined before and am terrified, is GGBY the right place for me to learn?

  • Yes! We offer short beginner highlines (with/without a top rope assistance) and introductory highline workshops daily. GGBY is one of the most supportive and best places to learn for beginners. Also there are so many other things to do so if highlining isn't your thing, try the landlines or one of our 40+ workshops and the evening activities.  EVERYONE IS TERRIFIED but you will be safe and supported by a caring community. We want everyone to feel growth from challenge but ultimately we want you to experience positive challenge and growth so follow your heart and needs.

Are there quiet places to camp? I'm not much into nighttime activities.

  • Yes! The growth of the gathering has presented new challenges, one being noise at night. We are isolating the evening activities to certain zones and the main dancing/music area will be restricted to a singular area away from the general camping area. All other areas are quiet/low volume zones. We are working hard to create spaces for those with different needs.

How many highlines are there and are the lines long?

  • We roughly have between 20-25 highlines. With the high demand, we have a queue system that will maximize usage among all participants. You'll have an idea of when you will be able to get on as there are reasonable time limits on lines (based on the length). If the wait for one line is long, you'll be able to do other activities in the meantime.