Letter to Potential and Current Sponsors

Dan Walsh — GGBY Event Organizer

GGBY Highline Gathering is the largest and one of the oldest highline gatherings in the world that is globally recognized and followed.  Our adventurous participants, numerous highlines,  stunning spacenets, and the canyon view create a breathtaking venue and visual performance which has inspired our participants and millions of online viewers. Despite this, GGBY is still a local gathering driven by the Moab slackline community and their friends across the globe. Like our participants, volunteers, and coordinators, GGBY sponsors are integral to the production of this event. Our sponsors have provided our 60 plus volunteers with meals and food items for the week, donated or lent rope, slacklines, radios and other gear, provided technical and media support, donated raffle items, and much more. We strive to partner with local sponsors as well as outside sponsors. In return, we work to provide value on their investments. GGBY provides significant benefits through recognition across our media outlets, opportunities for brand representation, photography and cinematography, increased traffic toward your local business or company product, and more. We engage in initial conversations with potential sponsors to insure any partnership will align with Our Mission and the needs of the sponsor. This insures we respect the goals of our sponsors and our community’s Values. We welcome a conversation and hope you will consider partnering with us. You can download our GGBY 2022 Sponsorship packet in mid-July 2022. Stay tuned. Thank you and slack on!

Sponsorship Information

Please read our sponsorship packet for details:

GGBY 2019 Sponsorship Packet

Highline Sponsors

Spacenet provided and rigged by Ryan Jenks.

Corporate Sponsors

Wild SOL Retreats

Local Sponsors

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