Musical Performances

GGBY is committed to providing a fun, organized and high profile way for participants to share their talents at this year’s gathering. GGBY is taking applications for musical performances that enhance the gathering’s ambiance while adhering to GGBY sound policies. Performances will begin on Sunday, going throughout the event until Thursday evening. 

These guidelines are for GGBY participants who wish to share a musical performance experience within the Experiential Zone (see map) or at one of the GGBY sound areas.  GGBY will have two areas for musical performance, including one area with amplified sound and the other for acoustic performances. All participants who wish to perform on an amplified sound system MUST read through the following guidelines and fill out an application form.



Anyone making a commitment to creating a music or performance based experience at GGBY must take responsibility for all aspects of the creation. This includes filling out the application form, participating in a dialogue with us, executing your setup without interfering with GGBY operations, protecting your equipment, and taking accountability for the dismantling and cleanup of your equipment. By participating you agree to hold GGBY Gathering, Slackline U.S., and its Board of Directors and volunteers harmless for any damages to your equipment. Every aspect of creating an experience must be taken seriously!


After you fill out an application form, someone from our production team will contact you. Please fill out as much information as you possibly can on the application. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to serve and help you. Participating in an open dialogue with us about your performance will enable us to help you make your GGBY experience the best it can be.


Performing in the open desert is like no canvas or gallery that you may have ever experienced before. The challenges are many. You must consider the extreme physical conditions of the desert, the logistics of transporting your equipment to this remote desert site, the difficulty of maintaining equipment in potentially hazardous weather conditions and performing in a place that has no service grid. Dollys, carts, and any wheeled transport system are not allowed from the Fruit Bowl parking lot into the Fruit Bowl trail area per Bureau of Land Management regulations. All of these challenges are aspects of the medium in which you are working, so plan carefully and be patient. The struggle to adapt and to survive is an essential part of this experience and can lead to unexpected discoveries, both about your art as well as yourself.

Once you’ve gathered the information you need to apply, including links to or samples of your performance, click below to get started. Note that this is the first year GGBY is opening musical performances up to a registration process. Registering your act DOES NOT guarantee placement. Placement is dependent on availability of equipment, the number of submissions and overall flow of the event. Note that the registration form is available until November 3rd. Applications will not be accepted after this date.