Art Installations & Interactive Environments

These guidelines are only for registering physical art installations & interactive environments (i.e. theme camp) to be placed in the “Experiential Zone” (see map). Art at your campsite or outside of the Experiential Zone doesn’t need to be registered, however we still recommend you read through the following guidelines. 



Anyone making a commitment to creating an experience at GGBY must take responsibility for all aspects of the creation. This includes filling out the experiences registration form, participating in a dialogue with us, executing the setup without interfering with GGBY operations, protecting your installation, managing your crew & participants, and taking accountability for the dismantling and cleanup of your equipment. By participating you agree to hold GGBY Gathering, Slackline U.S., its Board of Directors, and volunteers harmless for any damages to your equipment or art installation. Every aspect of creating an experience must be taken seriously!

  1. Installations must be sufficiently secured against high winds and intense weather conditions that often arise in the desert.
  2. Installations must be sufficiently illuminated at night, including any part of the installation that somebody could bump into. This includes lighting your build materials before you finish creating your installation.
  3. Installations should follow standard desert Leave No Trace Ethics.
  4. To prevent irreparable environmental damage, no holes deeper than 12” may be dug into the desert surface and no holes may be drilled.
  5. Camping is not allowed at any art installation.
  6. Dollys, carts, and any wheeled transport system is not allowed from the Fruit Bowl parking lot into the Fruit Bowl trail area per Bureau of Land Management regulations. 
  7. The Experiential Zone is for hand-built or personally-designed installations & environments rather than prefabricated structures. Only under special circumstances will tents be allowed in the Experiential Zone


After you fill out a registration form, someone from our Production Team will contact you. Please fill out as much information as you possibly can on the registration form. The more information you provide, the better we will be able to serve and help you. Participating in an open dialogue with us about your project will enable us to help you make your GGBY experience the best it can be.


Creating installations in the open desert is like no canvas or gallery that you may have ever experienced before. The challenges are many. You must consider the extreme physical conditions of the desert, the logistics of transporting building materials and equipment to this remote desert site, and the difficulty of maintaining tools and equipment in a place that has no service grid or ready market of resources. All of these challenges are aspects of the medium in which you are working, so plan carefully and be patient. Your creation may not happen in precisely the way you envision it, and that’s okay. The struggle to adapt and to survive is an essential part of this experience and can lead to unexpected discoveries, both about your art as well as yourself.


We challenge you to create something that will inspire, engage, question, puzzle, amuse, seduce and otherwise influence the participants of GGBY. Interactive experiences transforms participants into active contributors to a creative process. It convenes society around itself. It generates roles. It provokes actions. 


Art installations & interactive spaces in the Experiential Zone may contain ambient sound elements that are integral to the installation, but we do not allow DJs, sound systems, DJ booths, or any kind of amplified music in this area. With the nature of the open desert, sound carries far and wide very easily. If you are creating an installation that contains amplified music, it must be located in the sound area and must adhere to our sound policy.

Cleanup Accountability

  • You arrive on a clean desert canvas and that is the way you will leave it. Everything you bring to live and create MUST BE REMOVED. Nothing, absolutely nothing, may be left at your art site or camp when you leave. Cleaning up and Leaving No Trace are paramount to the sustainability ethics we hold ourselves to as an organization and as citizens of Mother Earth.

IMPORTANT: There are special requirements if your experience incorporates FIRE in any of the following ways:

  • Open Fire: flames created by candles, torches, burn barrels & wood fires.
  • Flame Effects: flames that are automated, switched, pressurized or have any action other than simply being lit on fire. This includes projects that use propane or liquid fuels.
  • Hazardous Materials Storage: Storage of hazardous or combustible materials, including kerosene, white gas, propane, gasoline, etc.
  • NOTE: Pyrotechnic Displays are not allowed.

If your experience incorporates fire in any of those ways, it is mandatory that you read and follow the fire safety guidelines that we have developed. You will also be required to fill out a Fire Safety registration form and include a Burn Scar Prevention plan which will be emailed separately. 

Once you’ve gathered the information you need to describe your project, your lighting, your Leave No Trace plan, and fire safety plan if your project incorporates Open Fire, Flame Effects or the storage of hazardous or combustible materials, click below to get started. Note that the registration form is available until November 3rd. Applications will not be accepted after this date.