Park wisely

Parking previous years has been one of the largest environmental impacts of the festival. There were over 200 cars parked off road on sensitive desert soil / plant life last year because we didn’t have a better option.

Parking Details: (STARTING MONDAY, NOV 20th)

We have two parking lots (old mining sites) where we will be parking cars near the Fruit Bowl road.

**These are the only places we can park.**

Hopefully this is enough parking. We’ll do our best to make other arrangements if the lots fill up. If you’re able to carpool from town, please do so.

The Fruit Bowl parking lot only holds about 15 vehicles at best and we will have 3 large shuttle vehicles and a couple of organization crew vehicles parked there for emergencies / necessities.

Shuttles will be running during daylight hours with some potential for a shuttle run after dark.

If you really need to get to your car between shuttles, it’s only about 1 mile to walk.

Van life people, we were hoping to have more options for you, but unfortunately we can’t park vans on the slickrock section or anywhere else on the Fruit Bowl road as it that would be “off road”. Hopefully, those of us who live in our vehicles have or can borrow a tent to join the coziness around the cliffs and campfires. If you need to borrow a tent or find someone to share, feel free to use this event page for that.

We realize parking in the lots and taking shuttles isn’t as convenient but we hope everyone will work together on this to minimize our footprint and we’re doing the best we can to make it work well.

parking for ggby

Car Camping and Van Life

If you’re coming to GGBY, you’re welcome to camp in your car or van. But that vehicle will be parked in the event parking lots just before the Fruit Bowl access road (see parking discussion on this page).

The Fruit Bowl parking lot will be for event vehicles only (mostly shuttles). We tried to find other options, but there simply aren’t any that don’t involve parking off road.

If you usually camp in your car and are in need of a tent, feel free to use the event page to find a tent to share or borrow.