Slackline U.S. Ambassadors Program

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The Ambassador Certification Workshop is an official program of Slackline U.S. to train individuals to become local slackline leaders in their region by providing essential leadership, coordination, and planning skills in the three pillars of the mission of Slackline U.S.; Access, Knowledge, and Conservation. Participants will get up to speed quickly on the mission of Slackline U.S. and its national efforts but the majority of the workshop will engage and train individuals to take inventory of local slackline spots and issues, assess and prioritize these issues, and develop an action plan in their communities. Collaboration and leadership tools and techniques will be learned along the way through fun group exercises and handout summaries will be provided so the knowledge can be taken home. Participants will not just listen but will become trained local leaders and will receive a certificate in the end as having undergone the Slackline U.S. Ambassador training and may be listed as a local resource through Slackline U.S. Individuals will come out feeling empowered, skilled, and more confident to lead and improve upon issues in their community. Taught By: Dan Walsh