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Cartwheels are awesome. They are silly and fun and its hard to be mad while spinning upside down! Cartwheels are also a surprisingly great way to assess and improve mobility as well as overall coordination and agility. There are so many different types of cartwheels; cartwheels that spin through an arch or pike, cartwheels that travel in a circular motion, capoeira floreios, and more. Cartwheels are also a great pre-req for being able to hold a handstand! Once you’ve mastered the basic cartwheel, there are many different advanced variations to explore too; dive cartwheels, one arm cartwheels, butterfly kicks, aerials, and more. In this workshop we will progress according to your skill level. We’ll break things down, do stretches relevant to cartwheels, talk about form and technique, and build movement sequences. Ultimately, this workshop will help you build your movement vocabulary on the ground and grow your individual movement expression. YAY!

Taught By: Leila Noone