Pitch a tent

The area around the Fruit Bowl, near the cliffs, is the primary camping area. In previous years, camping has extended to the parking lot, the wash near the parking lot, and the slick rock section part way down the Fruit Bowl road.

Wake up with exposure

While camping is allowed on these public lands, spreading out to camp in these other sites near the road and in the wash creates a wider environmental impact. This year, we want to keep all of the camping near the cliffs. And what better way to wake up than with a few hundred feet of exposure and more than a dozen highlines?

Choosing a good camping spots is one of the best ways to minimize environmental impact. Find an area of flat sandstone, ideally, and make sure you have a crypto-free path to and from your tent. Alternately, sandy areas with no sign of plant life or crypto growth are the next best choice.

The Fruit Bowl area can get rather windy and tent stakes don’t really work in sand and sandstone. Be sure to keep enough weight inside your tent to weigh it down. Surprisingly large objects find their way into the canyon in a good wind. Keep trash secure and try not to leave things lying around.

Water, food, necessities

Water: There is no water source at the Fruit Bowl. Bring plenty of water. The outdoor shop Gearheads in Moab has free water fill up in the shop.

Food: Everyone has their own idea of what good camp food is, but common options are sandwich materials, peanut butter and jelly, veggies to fry or cook in the fire, rice, soup, pasta. Durable food items are generally a good idea since you’ll be carrying them from the parking lot to the cliffs. Bring more than you think you’ll need just in case, or to share. Highlining burns calories.

Trash management: Gather up your food trash and pack it out with you. Bring durable garbage bags. Don’t rely on grocery bags to hold up.

Showers: Various places in Moab offer showers for a fair price (~$3-6).

Firewood: Do not use local juniper wood for campfires. Firewood is provided for use at the festival. Burn responsibly.

Camping in the Desert

Van life and car camping

Parking at GGBY is one of our biggest challenges.

The Fruit Bowl parking lot is small and will be needed for shuttles, an emergency vehicle just in case, and vehicles for the various needs of the gathering. All other will be parked in temporary lots near the beginning of the Fruit Bowl road. Van life campers can park and camp in these lots, but they are about 1.5 miles from the cliffs. If you’re able to bring a tent and camp near the cliffs, or share tent with a friend, please do.